What’s the number one, most annoying thing when you’re looking for your first job?  Finding “entry-level” job postings that say “previous experience required”! Even with schooling and hands-on training, it can be frustrating to feel ready to dive into a new career but have the big e-word trip you up as you apply.

It’s probably okay for a fast-food restaurant employee to not have much prior experience.  Or a grocery store clerk. But for other careers, like being a dental assistant, having prior experience makes a lot of sense – you wouldn’t want someone to help work on your teeth who hadn’t ever done it before!  But how are you supposed to get experience if you don’t have experience?

Luckily for aspiring dental assistants, SunRock Dental Careers has good news: as part of their revolutionary 11-week training program, each graduate completes a 40-hour, hands-on internship working side-by-side with real dentists and real patients.  Graduates leave not only with a dental radiology certificate, a CPR certificate, and a certified dental assisting certificate (all of which are your tickets-to-ride in your new career), but with actual, working experience!

You’ll meet twice a week in the evening for traditional instruction, where you’ll learn everything from oral anatomy to radiology from one of SunRock’s many talented instructors.  Then you’ll apply what you’ve learned in internship hours, held during the Monday to Friday workweek from 9am – 5pm.

And that’s the other great thing about SunRock – you don’t have to hunt down your own internship!  Many SunRock student interns work directly with Dr. Chris Neilson, DDS, the founder of SunRock Dental Careers, in his practice.  Others are placed in offices throughout the area, including orthodontic, surgical, and pediatric practices. It’s all the flexibility you need without the hassle!

So don’t worry about the e-word!  SunRock Dental Careers is committed to helping new dental assistants not only know what they need to know to succeed, but to do what they need to do to launch their new careers.  Because when it comes to preparing for an exciting, fulfilling career, experience is the best teacher.